fast & easy

Less than 1 hour to start benefiting.

Step 1: Help us understand what you're looking for in a 401(k) plan. (20 minutes)
Step 2: Review and sign your customized adoption agreement. (30 minutes)
Step 3: Decide what you're going to do with all those tax savings. (three nanoseconds)
It's all in the wrist.


A 401(k) for less than 50 cents a day.

Our clients range from one to thousands of employees, and everyone is getting a great deal. Our average participant pays just 0.85% per year, which is lower than what many Fortune 500 employees pay for their plan.

premier investments

Pay wholesale, not retail rates.

BenefitGuard gives access to the world's leading investment managers at Vanguard, DFA, Pimco, and others at rates that are in many cases 60-80% lower than retail. We also make effective investment decisions easy for employees with model portfolios, built and maintained by independent investment experts.

Our online estimator will let you generate a quote tailored to your business in less than 15 seconds.

- or -

Lower your risk by letting an ERISA fiduciary run your 401(k)

Most 401(k) providers will "forget" to mention employers who sponsor a 401(k) for employees bear personal fiduciary liability. Unlike other providers, we provide you with full-scope fiduciary oversight (ERISA 3(21), 3(16) and 3(38)) which not only saves time, but also dramatically lowers your risk.

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What we do that others don't

  • Single point of contact for employers
  • Seamless payroll integration options for Quickbooks and ADP users (and many more)
  • Nobel Laureate investment education
  • We prepare, sign and file the 5500 for you
  • We review and approve loans and all other distributions for you
  • No extra fees (save $1,000) for new comparability testing (allows highly-compensated employees to save more)
  • Need an audit? Save 70% and countless hours by letting us work with the auditor
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