Less Cost

We can typically reduce your total plan costs by 30-60%.

Most 401(k) plans have painfully high fees that are nearly impossible to find and understand. There's no trouble understanding our fee structure. It's simple and one hundred percent transparent. Find out how we can help you save 30-60%.

Less Risk

We will sign and act in all 3 fiduciary roles for you.

We believe that the service providers doing the work on a 401(k) plan should be taking on the risks, not you! Unlike any other provider in the industry, we appoint professional fiduciaries to sign and act in the administrative and investment fiduciary roles for you.

Less Work

Eliminate 30+ hours of unnecessary work per year.

We don't just give you tools to do the work, we do it for you. We prepare, file, and even sign your 5500 for you! We approve loans and distributions, manage your audit, track eligibility, answer employee questions, track and report on investments, perform compliance testing, run enrollment meetings, and much more.

Already have a plan? We’ll put together a side by side comparison. Don’t have a plan? We’ll put together a proposal for a new one.

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Are you tired of manually entering transactions, transferring funds, or creating custom payroll uploads to send to your 401(k) provider every pay period? For many companies, this process takes hours every month. Wouldn’t it be great if your payroll and 401(k) providers were integrated? BenefitGuard has already built integration with a number of payroll providers and will work with your provider to make 401(k) uploads a snap.

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Would you like to keep your current financial advisor? No problem! Financial advisors love us and we’re happy to keep them on the plan if that’s your preference. A BenefitGuard plan can run with your current advisor, without an advisor, or we can help you find a new advisor who will provide value for your plan and the participants.

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