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"It must be obvious that our present economic crisis was, by and large, foisted on Main Street by Wall Street - the mostly innocent public taken to the cleaners, as it were, by the mostly greedy financiers."

John C. Bogle
Strengthening Worker Retirement Security, Congressional Testimony February 24, 2009
Founder and former CEO of The Vanguard Group"

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Employer Costs

Full-Service 401(k)
Do-It-Yourself Online 401(k)
Ongoing Annual Cost
This includes ongoing, annual fees not related to initial setup. Can also be paid by employees if preferred.
One-Time Setup Fee
BenefitGuard knows you have plenty of expenses. A setup fee doesn’t have to be one of them.
First Time Tax Credit
If this is the first time your company has setup a 401(k) plan you get a tax credit just for signing up! That means you get 50% of your One-Time Setup Fee back.
- $0
- $500
- $500
Total Setup Fees
This includes all non-recurring fees related to setting up your plan.

Ongoing Annual Cost Comparison

The annual average 401(k) cost based on a company with 15 full-time employees.*

Employee Costs

Full-Service 401(k)
Do-It-Yourself Online 401(k)
Monthly Fee
Fees cover recordkeeping services, plan administration, filing costs, etc. This fee is variable based on the number of employees your business has.
Average Investment
Portfolio Expense Ratio
This is the fee to cover costs of providing premier investment options through Vanguard, Pimco, and DFA.
Investment Mgmt. &
Custodial Fee
This fee helps cover the expense of investment professionals that manage the portfolio.
Independent Fiduciary
Protection (watch video)
* varies based on plan size
To protect yourself as a business owner from any liability and to help manage your plan efficiently and in your company’s best interest, BenefitGuard has a full-service fiduciary. Watch the video to find out how important this really is!
Not available
Not available
Total Annual Cost on
$75k Balance
This price is based on an individual with a $75,000 balance in their 401(k). BenefitGuard is typically 1/3 cheaper than competitors due to low asset fees.

25 Year 401(k) Cost Comparison

Differences in 401(k) fees may seem small year-to-year, but the true cost of 401(k) fees is significant after 25 years.