2016: BenefitGuard Reaches Profitability & Builds Financial Connection

BenefitGuard reaches profitability while many other low-cost market entrants continue to burn capital. BenefitGuard addresses the second half of America’s retirement problem with the introduction of Financial Connection, a simplified financial wellness platform for employees.

2015: BenefitGuard Improves the Advisor Friendly 401(k) & Integrates with HSA Providers

BenefitGuard expands distribution through financial advisors providing a low-cost, conflict-free, advisor-friendly solution and builds integration with HealthEquity’s HSA platform to help employers and employees catch the vision of integrated Health & Wealth savings.

2014: BenefitGuard Develops Payroll Partnerships & Gains IRS Approval

BenefitGuard solidifies payroll relationships, integration, and distribution with Sage Payroll, Paycor, Paylocity, and several other national payroll providers to streamline the process of 401(k) payroll submissions. BenefitGuard receives IRS approval for the custom plan documents.

2013: BenefitGuard Hires Executive Team

BenefitGuard adds Matt Bradley and Spencer Barclay to the executive team. The new management team expands efforts in marketing, sales, and partnership development to accelerate business growth.

2012: BenefitGuard Raises Capital & Receives DOL Support

BenefitGuard closes a seed-round of funding bringing total capital contributions to $1.8MM with total commitments of $3.8MM. The DOL Advisory Opinion gives credence to the BenefitGuard model.

2011: The BenefitGuard Solution is Born

BenefitGuard builds a revolutionary, low-cost model to solve the first half of the retirement problem. BenefitGuard solidifies key relationships with industry-best providers like TD Ameritrade, Bluestar Retirement Services, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and Vanguard to offer a full-service 401(k) solution which uniquely appoints professional administrative and investment fiduciaries to reduce fees, risk, and work for employers and employees.

2010: The 401(k) Model Is Broken

Peterson Partners hires Aaron Gabbart from the US Treasury Department to build a business that will fix the broken 401(k) Model for companies and employees. Excessive fees dramatically reduce retirement savings that are already insufficient from poor saving habits.