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Health and retirement account services for employers

Powerful, hassle-free solutions

Easy setup

With over 120 well-established health plan partners in place and a flexible proprietary platform, we offer the convenience of effortless integration. Ongoing administration is a breeze with our employer portal that allows you to easily manage your team’s accounts.

Exceptional service

Our member support is educational-focused. We are passionate about consumerism and empowering members to make smart, informed health care decisions. With around-the-clock phone support and online text support, your employees will be able to have their questions answered directly by HealthEquity.

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HealthEquity HSA balances after 5 years are 35% higher than the industry average based on the analysis of FY 2017 Network partner data vs Devenir 2016 year-end report average

Engaging communications

Healthcare is complicated and can be challenging to understand. We offer comprehensive communication resources that use simple campaigns to progress members through their journey to achieve health savings. We offer every employer, regardless of size, a co-branded Learn website for free. These sites contain valuable tools such as videos, guides and even a custom plan comparison tool.

Real savings for employers

Our success of higher balances, happy accountholders and easy setup translate into significant savings for employers, essentially benefits that pay for themselves.

Employer savings
(Per hundred accounts per year)
Employer ROI
HRA -- --
FSA $19,100 --
HSA $137,600 1.3x
401(k) $28,300 0.7x
HSA + 401(k) $138,600 About 1x

Based on average family with $75,000 household income and $11,121 post-tax available to pay for healthcare, retirement and savings

Note 1: FSA does not typically have an employer contribution
Note 2: based on industry-average contributions made by family of four with a household income of $75,000 and assumes $1,086 employer contribution for HSA and 50% employer match up to 3% of employee income 401(k)
Note 3: assumes use of HSA to cover medical out of pocket costs then use of remaining funds to fund a 401(k) account

— Our mission —

We are committed to promoting a holistic approach that helps families use HSAs and retirement accounts together as part of an effective short and long-term savings strategy. Our investment options have been ranked #1 by Morningstar and Kiplinger. Through member engagement and data-driven technology, we effectively progress the disengaged consumer to become an Efficient Spender, then Confident Consumer and finally a Health Saver.

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