Payroll Integration


Are you tired of manually entering transactions, transferring funds, or creating custom payroll uploads to send to your 401(k) provider every pay period? For many companies, this process takes hours every month.

BenefitGuard has already built partial and full integration with a number of payroll providers. Example providers include:

  1.       Sage Payroll
  2.       Paylocity
  3.       Paycor
  4.       Vision Payroll
  5.       Bene-Care
  6.       Payroll Experts
  7.       Payroll Processors
  8.       Keystone Payroll
  9.       Flex-Pay
  10.       Heartland Payroll

And we’re more than happy to work with your provider to make 401(k) uploads as easy as possible.

Stop dreading 401(k) transactions each time you process payroll. Let us help you simplify your job and save you hours of entering or uploading 401(k) data.

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