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Confusing Fund Lineups, Conflicts of Interest, & Retail Prices

Did you know that 80% of employees report being confused by their investment options? In most 401(k) plans, these investment options are selected or influenced by service providers, like advisors, brokers or record keepers. And these same providers are often being paid from those same investments so employees end up paying retail prices. That doesn’t sound right to us.


No Indirect Compensation

At BenefitGuard, we eliminate conflicts of interest by making sure that nobody but the mutual fund companies will ever be paid from your investment options. That’s right.  No Indirect compensation. Instead, your Investment options are selected with your employees’ best interest in mind.

Institutional Pricing

You may only have $5,000 now, but with BenefitGuard you’ll be treated like you have $5 million. You’ll gain access to the world’s largest and most exclusive mutual funds at wholesale prices, often just one-fifth the cost of retail mutual funds. These savings alone could result in 20% more money when you retire. Now that sounds like retirement.

Simple yet Sophisticated Options

Additionally, we’ve built three very simple yet sophisticated approaches that employees can choose and understand.  1) They can turn on cruise control using a Vanguard target date fund based on their age. 2) They can choose from nine professionally managed model portfolios ranging from aggressive to defensive. Or 3) They can customize their own portfolio by investing in any of ten to fifteen low-cost index-tracking funds covering all of the major asset classes.

Let BenefitGuard eliminate the stress of 401(k) investing for your employees with our simple and sophisticated approach.

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