Less Cost


Who said that a 401(k) plan needed to be expensive? We don’t believe that it does. The industry wants you to think that high prices are necessary for good retirement options. We’ve found a better way: honest fees and transparent institutional pricing.

The Problem: The drip, drip, drip of high fees.

Most 401(k) plans for small to midsize companies have pain-fully high fees that are nearly impossible to find and understand. And the most excessive fees are usually being paid by employees while 70% of them think their 401(k) is free. Did you know that the extra 1% in fees you’re your employees are likely paying today, will decrease the size of their retirement nest egg by 20-30%? That’s a problem.  Helping employees retire comfortably is the whole purpose you 401(k) plan and our reason for existence.

The Solution: Low fees. Really low.

There’s no trouble understanding our fee structure.  It’s simple and one hundred percent transparent. We lower costs by buying in bulk so you pay less.  We’ve  negotiated extremely low administrative fees and institutionally priced investment options for your employees. That big-company discounts for small and mid-sized businesses. Our well-diversified, index-tracking investment options keep costs low. Really low. And we make sure that nobody has their hands in your 401(k) cookie jar by eliminating indirect compensation.  Nobody but the mutual fund companies get paid from your investment options.

With our unique model, we can save companies and employees money by reducing total plan costs by 30-60%.  Those savings add to your bottom line and have an even bigger impact on the size of your employees nest eggs over time.

Help your employees retire with more money in their 401(k)s by eliminating excessive and unnecessary fees. Explore a BenefitGuard plan today.

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