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Matthew Bradley Profile:

Matt is the CEO of BenefitGuard. His professional passions are to help employees develop personal financial literacy and to help employees retire with more money in the bank. BenefitGuard does this by eliminating 401(k) fees, risk, and work better than anyone in the industry. Additional roles Matt enjoys: surfer, soccer coach, husband, and father of 5.

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Spencer Barclay Profile:

Spencer is currently the COO of BenefitGuard. He joined BenefitGuard after receiving his MBA from Westminster College. He previously worked as a business consultant for several reputable law firms and start-ups throughout northern Utah. His passions include: business, investing, politics, economics, golf, college football, and family.

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About BenefitGuard

BenefitGuard, LLC offers a low-cost 401(k) solution for small to mid-size businesses. BenefitGuard uniquely appoints professional fiduciaries to sign and act in administrative and investment fiduciary roles to dramatically reduce fees for employees and fiduciary risk and work for employers. Through a network of best-in-class partners, BenefitGuard provides cloud-based recordkeeping, payroll-integration, third party administration, custodial, advisory, and full fiduciary services. 401(k) plans are sold directly to employers and by financial advisors, payroll providers, HSA providers, benefits brokers, and other professional service firms. BenefitGuard was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Orem, Utah.

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