BenefitGuard Releases Financial Wellness Platform to Help Americans Save for Retirement

January 25, 2017

BenefitGuard was founded in 2010 with the intent of fixing America’s retirement problem. To date, BenefitGuard has focused on improving outcomes by revolutionizing the 401(k) model. Today, the company announced its next step toward helping Americans save more, through Financial Connection, a simple guide to financial wellness.


The features of the Financial Connection site include:

Financial Formula – a 10 step process to achieve financial well-being

Financial Fundamentals – 50 key principles to guide decision making

Financial Fitness – exercises to apply and reinforce sound financial behavior

Financial FAQ – answers to commonly asked personal finance questions

Other features: Chat, email, and search as well as quizzes, statistics, and calculators

BenefitGuard Expands 401(k) Integration with Major Payroll Providers

November 30, 2016

… “We have expanded our payroll integration efforts in response to market feedback. This has benefited our existing clients and resonates well with prospective clients who value simplicity in administration,” explains Matt Bradley, CEO of BenefitGuard. “Partners like Sage, who have built integrations with our recordkeeping solution, have been crucial in our efforts to extend this benefit to clients. The payroll providers also benefit in operational efficiency, client retention, and client acquisition.”


BenefitGuard’s growing list of payroll integration partners also includes Paylocity, Heartland Payment Systems, Keystone Payroll, Vision Payroll, Payroll Processors, Paycor, Payroll Experts, and Flex-Pay among others.

BenefitGuard’s 401k Model Rings True for Healthcare Partners

October 26, 2016

BenefitGuard, founded in 2010 with the intent of fixing a broken 401(k) model, today announced partnerships with Utah healthcare benefit providers, Spectra Benefits and Miller & Wade Group. The intent of this joint work is to simplify small business access for the two most popular employee benefits, health insurance and retirement savings.


“Small businesses are turning to one-stop shops more than ever for employee benefit programs,” states Matt Bradley, CEO of BenefitGuard. “Our streamlined 401k model is a natural fit for health benefit providers to effectively serve their customers. Our early efforts with these great partners are validating this direction.” …

BenefitGuard Reaches 97 Percent Retention with Disruptive 401k Model Validated by New Congressional Initiative

October 4, 2016

BenefitGuard, founded in 2010 with the intent of fixing a broken 401(k) model, works diligently to improve plan administration and access to retirement plans for small business. In sponsoring a retirement plan, 95% of employers have historically served as plan fiduciaries without understanding the risk and work they incur. BenefitGuard solves this problem by offering a conflict-free, low-cost plan, with outsourced fiduciary services. Clients and Congress are validating BenefitGuard’s pioneering direction…


… In its brief history, BenefitGuard has transformed $1.8 million in investor venture funds into a rapid-growth small business solution working with trusted financial advisors to serve a $600 billion SMB market. With only 28% of such business offering retirement plans, the demand for low-cost, high-value benefit solutions remains high into the foreseeable future. Despite being relatively young, BenefitGuard is already profitable while other new-model competitors remain ‘in the red’…